Company Profile

Bay Technical Associates is a USA based manufacturer founded in 1976 to develop and manufacture specialized data collection and communications products. Today, BayTech and our contracting partners  continue to manufacture our products 100% in the USA.


BayTech's mission is to continue manufacturing in the USA while excelling as a leader in the development of state-of-the-art, cost effective, data communications technology for the management of critical information systems of diverse enterprises.

what we do
BayTech provides today's businesses with a means of controlling and monitoring computer and network equipment located remotely or in large data center environments. BayTech manufactures solutions for:
  • remotely rebooting equipment
  • monitoring power going to the equipment and how much power the equipment is using
  • monitoring environmental conditions surrounding the equipment
  • console access to servers, switches, routers, power management devices, and other equipment
  • redundant transfer switching with integrated PDU
  • simple power distribution
Our products are designed and developed based on the needs of customers and potential customers through out the world.

We will build what you need.