Provide Redundancy while Reducing Energy Consumption 16th of February 2017
Provide Redundancy while Reducing Energy Consumption

The traditional way for providing redundancy to servers is to connect distinct power systems in the same facility to two power supplies in a single server or device. By design if you loose one power system the other will be capable of handling the complete load.

Inherently, this design consumes more power than a single power supply design. This happens for two reasons.

1) The efficiency of two power supplies loaded to less than 40% is less than that of a single power supply loaded to 80%.
2) An energized power supply is going to consume up to 50% of its capable power whether it is or isn’t loaded.

What is the Alternative and Benefit?

The alternative is to keep the same power infrastructure and use servers or devices that have a single power supply. Provide redundancy to the server by inserting a transfer switch between the two power sources and the single corded device.

The benefit is a significant savings in power and cooling cost. BayTech customers are indicating at least a 30% reduction in power and cooling cost, 15-25% reduction in server cost and an easier design methodology for providing true redundancy.