BayTech’s power reboot and console access products provide 24-hour access/control of remote networking equipment. BayTech remote site management products can be accessed through dial-up or ethernet connections. Baytech products offer a return on investment that is exponential to the amount initially invested. Every on-site trip eliminated is dollars saved.

Outlined below are the four product groups BayTech manufactures to meet the diverse applications of todays network infrastructure.

Remote Site Management Training
Download this training manual for information on how to effectively utilize our Remote Site Management Solutions.

Download: RSMTraining.pdf (4.62 MB)
Out-of-Band Console Access to Multiple EIA-232 Ports

(DS6 shown in picture)

Dial-up or Telnet access to up to 32 devices in a single unit via EIA232 ports. With user programmable menus, it coudn't be easier to select the console you need.

Visit the DS Series Home page for more information on this line of products.

  • Expandable 4-32 EIA-232 Ports
  • 3,6, and 9 slot units
  • Menu-driven Device Selection
  • Built-In Modem
  • In-band Telnet Support
  • Data Rate Conversions
  • Serial Speeds to 115Kbps
  • 19" or 23" Rackmounting
  • AC/DC Powered
  • Dial-up PPP
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